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Mar, 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Impacts to the League

As we all are getting updates from the schools and work about the Coronavirus and the precautions needed, we wanted to provide some clarity for you all on how it will impact the season for now. Luckily, the rain is helping us to start following the social distancing recommendations.

Impacts include:
1) Changing the end of game 'shake hands' routine. Instead, players will still line up on the fields lines and take turns yelling "Good Game" and tipping their hats to the opposing team. This will help us limit the physical contact between players. Once the restrictions for this disease are lifted, we will return to the tradition of shaking hands after each game.
2) If a player is sick, please have them stay home from practices/games. We want to limit the likelihood of passing illnesses around.
3) While our Coaches all want to high five all our players after a great play, we are asking them for a nonphysical way to do this. Bump gloves, high five with their feet, do a dance, something that prevents skin to skin contact.
4) Recommend spacing yourselves out in the stands to keep sharing the same air at a minimum.

For now, we have no plans to cancel any scheduled games, and we will continue the season after all this rain finally lets up.

We hope that it does not come to the cancellation of games, but we will continue to do what's best for the safety and health of our players and families.